Georgia ARES Certification!

I have completed all the necessary courses for my Certification for Georgia ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services).    All of the courses were taken Online and each had a Final Exam that you were required to pass to get a Certificate for that class….   Everything has been submitted for my Official Picture ID which will grant me access to all future emergency centers etc.   I also needed a security clearance and a letter of reference from the County Officer.

I still need to take a course on WebEOC (the software Chatham County uses) but it is NOT required for certification.

There was a series of FEMA Courses”
IS-100         Introduction to Incident Command System  (ICS)
IS-100h       Introduction to Incident Command System (Hospitals)
IS-200         ICS for Single Resources & Initial Action Incident
IS-700         National Incident Management Systems (NIMS)
IS-702         NIMS Public Information Systems
IS-800        National Response Framework

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In addition, I had to take an ARRL course
EC-001: Introduction to Emergency Communication (Or Equiv)
I took the Gwinett County Version and passed the final with 100%

They sent an email out to me and the County coordinator with my score..

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