Hurricane Matthew!

This was a pretty severe Hurricane, reaching Cat 4.   It came up the entire coast of Florida, followed the GA and SC coastlines and then went by NC.    I think looking after, NC had the worst of it because of the severe flooding but it also did a pretty good job here in Savannah.   The biggest question was, how close to the coastline would it be.   By Thursday Oct 6th, they had issued a mandatory evacuation for all areas east of I-95.   That is basically all of Savannah and surrounding coastal areas along with many inland areas.  We are just West of I-95 so we did not have to (and chose not to) evacuate.   Scott and his family left Thursday and stayed in Atlanta for the duration of the storm.

Rains and winds picked up throughout the day Friday preceding the actual arrival of Matthew.  The peak of the storm was expected to arrive between 2 and 3 am on Saturday the 8th.  By the end of Saturday, it had pretty well moved on but the damage had already been done!!!   The State instituted a curfew from 7pm to 7am through (and after the storm).

Chatham county (all of Savannah Plus) had power outages of roughly 95% of the county.   Many roads were not passable for the trees and power lines down.   Scotts house ended up with a tree on the roof, along with deck and fence damage.   Where he lives, Isle of Hope, was one of the harder hit areas.  Tybee Island had no access as highway 80 was under water do to the 12 foot storm surge.

We were fortunate up here in my area, some trees down etc but no damage at my home and we never really lost power.    Scott came back from Atlanta on Monday and stayed a night in Pooler before power was restored where he was staying in town.

Here are a few photos of the damages in the area…..

effingham-county 14492515_10211223120839859_571065250349684496_n 14517427_10211223121559877_2283396701066474969_n 14522807_10211223120599853_2357615886230529089_n 14572353_10211223121039864_4153849113225806774_n 14606350_10211223121399873_3341015368016642581_n

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