Harper’s Birthday Dinner – Miyabi’s

As is the tradition in Scott and Morgan’s household, they go to Miyabi’s Japanese Steak house for each of the kids Birthdays.  The 23rd was dinner at Miyabi’s for Harper’s 5th which was on the 23rd.

Great meal and great company.  Morgan’s parents also attended though Morgan, just having delivered Claire stayed home with her.  The kids, as always enjoyed the entertainment of them cooking right at the table…

20160923_174726 20160923_174748 20160923_174916 20160923_175321 20160923_184435 20160923_184521

After dinner, we all went back to the Reeves home to watch Harper open her gifts…

20160923_191546 20160923_191617 20160923_191641 20160923_191652

Happy Birthday Harper!

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