Baby Claire…..

On the morning of 9/16/16, Morgan delivered their 4th child (our 12th Grandchild), Claire Jameson McGhie.   Scott called very early in the morning to say that they had gone to the hospital.   A little he called to inform us that Claire had arrived….

As posted by Morgan Reeves McGhie

“Claire Jameson McGhie arrived at 3:15am this morning – 6lbs, 1oz, 19 inches long, and a head full of hair to match her siblings. Jackson, Harper & Ella are thrilled to finally have their baby sister here (Mommy & Daddy are too!).”

We went up a bit later in the morning and met the newest family member…

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  1. JEssica MAnning says:

    She is completely adorable, Congratulations Scott and Morgan

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