Tunnels to Towers

The Tunnels to Towers is a commemorative roadrace in memory of 1st responders on 9/11.  The Coastal Amateur Radio society was asked to provide on course communications.   I volunteered to participate and arrived at my designated station on Chippewa SQ in downtown Savannah at 6:45am.  The race started at 8:00 and I had to be checked in by 7:45 and went early to locate my station, get parking and then arrive at my location.

As it turned out, I was able to secure street parking right at the turn so I was all set.  Walked over to the park at Chippewa SQ and prepared for the start.  Check-ins started at 7:30 for Radio operators and the race started about 8:15.   It was only a 5k and I was at the 1/3 point so the runners reached me early and I was clear and released in an hour.  There were no incidents at my station though 2 others had breakdowns in traffic control that was reported to the organizers.  It was reported that there was 1500 runners.

20160910_075722 20160910_075741

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