Lindsey Arrives for Visit…

We had been looking forward to my sister coming down for a week at her Time Share at Hilton Head.   It was going to be nice to see ….   but then she was unable to make it.   She mentioned if we knew anyone who might be able to use it and Lyn checked with our Grandaughter Lindsey who lives in Naples FL  with her husband and 4 girls.  We were so excited when she said she could come with the girls!!   (Her husband could not join her.

They arrived here Friday the 26th and could get access to the condo on sat the 27th.   We had dinner here at the house and hung out together till they went to bed. The kids were all interested in the Ham Radio and they played around here with the walkie talkies.

Saturday, we got up and I fixed pancakes for everyone for breakfast with the girls help!  They headed out and got settled at the Condo, spending some time at the pool.

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Sunday, we stayed here and Scott and his crew went in and visited with them.

Monday, they went to the Railroad and Childrens Museum, lunch at Forsythe Park and then back here to visit and have Pizza!

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Tuesday, they took a break from the busy running schedule.   They came in here and hung out for the day.   It was a beautiful day so we spent some time at the pool and then that evening cooked up a batch of hot dogs for dinner.   Those girls can eat.!

Wednesday they visited the Savannah History Museum and with the weather changing (Hurricane Hermine was 36 – 40 hours away they went back to the Condo.   Original plans called for them to come in Friday and spend some time with us and Scott’s family, then depart for TN on Saturday.   I suggested they come in Thursday and stay here but they decided to head for TN early and get away from the Storm.  (Smart Move!)


We had a really great time with them!


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