Fort Photos

These are some photos that I took of the Fort (Pulaski) during Activation Day

D72_0614_HDR D72_0615_HDR D72_0616-Edit_HDR D72_0642_HDR-EditD72_0617_HDR D72_0618 D72_0619 D72_0634_HDR D72_0636_HDR D72_0637_HDR D72_0639-Edit_HDR D72_0675


And a few I converted to B&W..   (I like doing it on period style photos..)

D72_0620-Edit-Edit D72_0634_HDR-Edit D72_0636_HDR-Edit D72_0646_HDR-Edit D72_0647_HDR-Edit D72_0675-Edit

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