13 Colonies!!

My Certificate for my success in this Special Event arrived today!  If you remember, back at the 4th, you had to document a contact with a station in all 13 Colonies and I achieved that along with the Bonus Station in Philadelphia.

The certificate documents the overall success and in addition there are 14 individual cards to collect.  I have sent for all of those and received all back but 2, NJ and SC.

Here is the certificate which I will frame and hang at my radio shack!


Here are the individual cards I have received….

20160811_144006 20160721_161042 20160721_161011 20160718_192936 20160718_192919 20160718_192903 20160718_192846 20160718_192827 20160716_150517 20160716_150505 20160716_150449 20160715_162616

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