Amateur Extra~!

Today, I attended the VE Session (Testing session) sponsored by Coastal Amateur Radio Society in Savannah.    This is the day I have been studying all month for, to take the Exam for my Amateur Extra License upgrade.

I Passed!!!!!

I had skipped the Saturday morning Ham Breakfast, though there was time.  I just figured I would be better served by taking that time for a final review, relax at home and then a leisurely drive into town.   I really felt ready as my practice scores the past week were averaging around 89….    and the 6 I did this morning were all in the 90’s.

There were 7 of us testing.  The Club had just had a 3 week Technician Class and there were 5 testing for Tech from that class.   In addition, there were 2 of us testing for the Extra Upgrade.

The test went well, most of it I really felt I nailed it.   There were a few in the beginning I was questioning and a couple later but overall I felt I was good.  I was so pleased to get the word that I had passed!!  I am guessing I had maybe a 92 %.   This is the highest License level in Amateur Radio so I not have all privileges on all bands.


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