13 Colonies!!!

Yes, there were 13 Colonies but this is about the 13 Colonies Special Event on Amateur Radio.  It ran over 4th of July Weekend and throughout the weekend, Special Stations were broadcasting from all 13 Original Colonies.   There were 2 bonus stations, Philly and England.  The goal was to get all of the Original Colony Stations (and if Possible the 2 bonus units) and collect individual cards and Hopefully a Certificate  with a “Clean Sweep”

Anyway, I found out about this by accident.   On July 1st, I was going to test my Portable HF rig and scanned for a good loud frequency on the house station.  I ran across one of the event stations, made a contact and looked up the event.   I decided to give it a try!!!

By 3:00 pm, I had 7 stations and figured I would have a chance at this.   I got 2 more by 4:15 and by 7:00pm I had another (giving me 10) and had also picked up tyhe Philly Bonus.

By 10:30, I shut down for the with 12 Colonies and the Philly Bonus.   I only needed the NJ station (K2I) and they were doing digital not voice which I was not configured for.  I followed them the next day and had trouble breaking through the pileups.   They were not on early in the day and I think many others needed them for the sweep.   I finally got them that evening for the “Clean Sweep”.  Now to try and get the Great Britain Bonus!!

Well I tried for the next few days but he could never hear me over the noise and other stations.   I proceeded to send all my data in for my Certificate and also requests for the individual cards.

Here are some of the cards received…..

20160715_162616 20160716_150449 20160716_150505 20160716_150517 20160718_192827 20160718_192846 20160718_192903 20160718_192919 20160721_161011 20160721_161042 20160718_192936

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