Exam Scheduled!

Study Progress – as some know, I have started studying for my Extra class license upgrade… Making slow progress as it is a tough one (for me at least..)

Now I have a target goal! CARS (Coastal Amateur Radio Society) is having a VE session the end of July so I have roughly 30 days to complete my study program and be ready for the exam.. Gonna give it a shot! 🙂

If I can master the material, this should give me enough time.   This exam is considerably tougher than the General Class exam.  Even if I do not pass, I plan to continue my studies and will take the test again.  This is the highest level of Amateur Radio license, if I get this I will ALL the privileges possible in Ham Radio.

I was in study “mode” after the General test and decided to just continue on.   It took me 5 years to upgrade to General and if I do not do this now, I know I never will.

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