June Wrap up….

Just some last minute items…

Savannah Bananas – Our Coastal Plains League Minor League Team..   Lyn and I attended a game on complimentary tickets from Ronald McDonald House as a thank you for her volunteering.  It also included Free food and we had a nice time in a reserved pavilion area.

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Photography – A bit limited this month as I did not get into any contests nor did I visit the refuge…  I still managed 282 images!!    A lot of time spent with camping, mc trip and field day and I took a lot of photos there.  Here is my choice for My Best of June


Radio Updates – I reported studying for my Extra Upgrade (that is the Highest level license you can get).   That just got Amped up a Notch as I just received an email that the Club is having a test session the end of July, so I now have a deadline to try and get ready!  Wish me luck!

Also have my Portable Kit ready for use when camping…   Using my spare HF radio, my HT for local (not pictured), power supply, meter, 2 antennas (a Vertical Buddistick for HF and a rollup J-Pole for VHF/UHF), 2 sections of coax and jumpers.   The Vertical has a clamp to attach to a table and I have a portable tripod with adapter that I can also use with it.  Hoping to test it in the yard this weekend.   I have also volunteered to assist with Emergency comm for the hospitals and will be training for that.


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