Forkesville RTE

RTE = Ride To Eat!   That is what we did.   I took off on the Goldwing Thursday, June 16th with a plan to head into NC and spend the night.   I was avoiding Interstates as much as reasonably possible, planning to take mostly US 29 and US 15 up to Harrisburg PA.   The day started well but it was HOT, 95-97 degrees and with all the gear on it just drained me.  I was forced to stop more than planned to stretch and hydrate and this was also my 1st long ride in 2 years.   I ended up taking 1 1/2 hours longer than planned and was still 1 1/2 hours short of my goal.   I stopped near Lynchburg as I was tired.

Day two, I decided to head on over to I-81 and recover some of my lost time.   It was still a long day and I do not think I was recovered from the heat.  I made it in to Pittston PA which was my destination for the night.   I was meeting up with Mike Brown (NC) and Jason Smith (NH) and we went out for a nice dinner together.

In the morning, we 3 met up for Breakfast at Perkins before heading to Forkesville.   While at breakfast, we were surprised by Rob Wilensky (Philly) who met up to ride over with us.   It was about a 2 hour back road ride (very nice) and we arrived at the Forkesville General Store about 11:00.   It was a great RTE, we ended up with over 30 riders from all over (GA, NC, PA, OH, MD, NH, NJ, Ont, NY).   We hung out for a while and then I began the trek home.  I took the Interstate (I-81, I-77, I-26, I-95) home for 2 reasons:
1.  I was hoping to make it in 1  1/2 days
2.  In addition to speed, plenty of readily accessible Rest Areas if needing a break.
Leaving about 2:15, I made it down to Woodstock VA about 8:00 and stopped for the night.

They had a continental breakfast in the morning at 6:00 am which was perfect for my schedule.  I went in and got some fruit, coffee and bagel and then hit the road about 7:15.  I made it past Charlotte about 3:15 and made the decision to go all the way in.  (I had been waffling some and had I found a hotel before Charlotte likely would have stopped).   I stopped for fuel in Ridgeway SC (just N of Columbia) at 4:40 and this meant no more stops the rest of the way.  (Unless I got tired)

I made good time the rest of the way home,  no rest stops needed and maintained a steady 75 mph, arriving home tired but smiling at 7:45 Sunday night!

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