We got out with the camper Tuesday June 7th, our first outing of the season.   We went to Fort McAllister State Park, one of our local favorites.  It was also the first outing with Snuggles after his training.

We had a really nice time, it was HOT but the weather was good and it was very relaxing for us both.  We did decide/learn a few things on this trip also.  Our chairs were coming apart so we decided to get some new camp chairs.   We also tried out the table that came with the camper (had been stored behind sofa).  We decided a table would be handy for those occasions where we were staying inside but that this one (a Very Good Table) was just too heavy for our needs.  We took it home and decided to get a portable lightweight folding table.

We also decided to get a small electric griddle for pancakes & stuff and I decided to build an HF portable ham radio setup.   I would like to get a new all band radio but for now can use my Yaesu 450D which is a spare at the house.   I will need an antenna and a power supply.

So, how did snuggles do???   Overall, quite good!   Normally we park so the camper door is away from the road so some of the “activity” is hidden.   This time, we parked the opposite side so we were sitting where he could see the road and people.   He did a few barks but readily stopped on command and was very sociable when he met people on walks.   He had one incident where he took after a couple adult bike riders and they were talking loudly which is what alerted/surprised him.   He chased them about 30 yards and then turned and came back.   We were pleased overall.

DSC04628 DSC04629 DSC04630 DSC04631 DSC04632 DSC04639 DSC04640 DSC04641 DSC04646 DSC04654

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