Ham Radio Updates

Well, I have been having fun with my new radio and my General Class Ticket!  I have been able to make contact with some of the National Parks as part of the NPOTA project.  (We also do activations with the club.

I do have a plan to try and elevate my antenna some but will need to purchase and install a pole in the back of the yard (or hook it up to a tree).   Not a rush but something I would like to accomplish over the summer.

I also have managed to contact a few Special Event Stations.   They had a Museum Ships Weekend where you made contact with various ships (many WWII etc).   You would get a special Certificate if you could snag 15.   I was only able to get 8 but still had a good time working them.

I also made a contact with the Nuclear ship Savannah (a nice Savannah to Savannah contact.   And a DD Commemorative Station.    I have worked on the Indy Trifecta also and have 2 of the 3 legs.  There are 3 races at the Indianapolis Speedway and the radio club broadcasts for one week prior to each race.  I stumbled accidentally on the US Grand Prix, made the contact and learned of the event.  You can get a card for each event and if you get all 3, you get all 3 cards and a special Commemorative Certificate.  I managed to get Leg 2 on the opening day (Indy 500) and later in July is leg 3, the NASCAR Brickyard 400.  I will work to try and get that.

Looking to also get an HF portable rig setup for use with the camper and at the end of the month, I will be participating in a 24 hour Field Day with the club.

KB1WEI 13510778_10210038583025183_672085737620832239_n13528849_10210011603070701_4146701457765373326_n  13522072_10209983261682184_2787642127917418528_n

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