Jury Duty

June 1st, I drove down to Savannah’s Chatham County Courthouse for Jury Duty.  I received my summons a month or so back and I was on call for this week.   The plus was Monday was a Holiday (Memorial Day) so I was only eligible for 4 days.  Each evening, you are required to call in to hear a recording of the numbers called for the next day.  Monday the called 1-183 in for Tuesday and I had #192.   It was obvious to me that I would be reporting on Wednesday.  (Confirmed by the call that night).

Upon reporting, they put us in a room where we waited.  They took a small batch early and the rest of us had to wait until after 10:00 before being ushered into a courtroom for a criminal case (DUI).   I ended up being selected for the jury on this case, expected to be completed in one day.   I sat through the testimony of 2 witnesses and also watched a dash cam video from the arresting officer.

Before closing arguments, the judge called for a recess and upon returning he had ruled a mistrial as a result of the behavior of the attorneys for both sides.   Racial tones and other badgering by the DA was called in to play.

It was an interesting day and I do not regret serving…..

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