May Photo Updates…

Yes, another month where the Bozo took a bunch of Pictures!!  Hey, I enjoy it…  I actually took fewer this month than normal, less trips to the Refuge as I was busy.

I did manage a few of the critters though!

D71_9620 D71_9625 D71_9627 D71_9638 D71_9652 D71_9722 D71_9723 D71_9738 D71_9746 D71_9752


And also a few of our Yard Critters……

D71_9759 D71_9761 D71_9762 D71_9764 D71_9765 D71_9767-Edit


And some water shots from our NPOTA Activations….

D71_9887 D71_9888 D71_9911-Edit D71_9913-Edit D71_9689 D71_9694

We had a Challenge Series and one week was Vintage which I won…


Though I did not win, my Technology made a Finalist (I was pleased with my entry)


And my personal choice for my “Best of the Month”


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