May 28th, Coastal Amateur Radio Society did another Nation Park activation.  This time it was down to the Cumberland Island National Seashore in St Marys GA.    It is almost 2 hours from the house so I left about 7:00 am so I could get there for the setup at 9 am.   It was a nice drive down and St Marys is a very picturesque area near the seashore.   They were having a Festival that weekend and once I navigated through that, I located the activation point right next to the visitor center for the Island.  A perfect location!

The bands were a bit strange that day but we made a fair amount of contacts and I even managed to get in a little MIC time, the 1st for me at an “event”.   Rains were due later in the day and around noon the skies darkened and Bill moved the rig into a dry area.  I took this opportunity to head home, encountering some heavy rain on the way!   This was the beginning of Tropical Storm Colin which would really hit later in the week.

As a result of the heavy rains coming in, the Club cancelled the scheduled activation for Monday at the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum.  I was looking forward to that as we were setting up under the wing of a restored B-17!

D71_9884 D71_9901 D71_9904 D71_9911-Edit D71_9905      D71_9920 D71_9922 D71_9919D71_9923 D71_9928

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