Snuggles in Training!!???

Can it be, can the 10 year old monster actually be trained???   Well, apparently he can be!!!

We decided to try an get him involved in some training.  After some research, we selected  a person in Savannah and took him down to meet Brian and his 2 dogs on the 3rd.  It was obvious Brian knew what he was doing and we did a contract and left Snuggles in Brian’s care.

Brian kept us informed of his progress via text and photos.  He had predicted 2 to 3 weeks and he was slowed some by weather, Snug’s age and weight.   For those who don’t know him, Snuggles could not go anywhere in public.  He was fine here with us but aggressive and terrible barking issues when out or others approached.  He was aggressively barking at people even while we drove.

On the 24th, 3 weeks later, we met Brian down at Forsythe Park.  What a transformation!!!   We watched him obey commands Sit, Stay, Down, Stay, Come.   He would Stay right in the middle of the walkway, off leash,  us 15 feet away with dogs and people walking right past him.

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We are working with him here now and he is slowly adjusting to us as being in charge instead of him!!   🙂     Hoping to take him camping in a couple weeks and need to try and keep him socialized with people and dogs…

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