Ham Radio Update

My Ham Shack has had a few changes of late.   I was using a software package to program my 8088 Dual Band that I use in the house.  At the end of the process, the radio screen went blank and while it still had power, I could not control it, turn it off or reset it.  That was on May 15th, a Sunday.   On Monday, I called Yaesu Tech Support and they could not help me so I packed the radio up and shipped it back for service on Tuesday the 17th.  It arrived and was signed for a week later on the 23rd.   I still have not had a call about the status and this will be a Holiday Weekend.

In the meantime, I was using my hand held at home and started to look at another radio for now and also as a backup.  I really would have liked to find another Yaesu 8800 but it has been discontinued and I could not find a used one.  I was not excited about settling for less and also started to wonder “what if” I lost my HF radio (for long distance comm).

Well, long story short, I decided to get a “shack in a box”, and ALL Band radio that does HF and also my VHF/UHF as my 8800 did.   I settled onto a Yaesu FT-991, a fairly new radio that has a nice touch screen with easy access to functions and also had digital capabilities.  I had been looking at antenna tuners and decided to order an LDG YT1200.

FT-991_thumb 31t+lUB6qnL

I am very pleased with both purchases.   The 991 will become my prime HF rig and in the interim, will also be my VHF/UHV radio.   When the FT-8800 returns, it will take back its position on the bench and again be the goto for VHF/UHF while the new FT-991 will remain the prime HF rig…

I have been having fun with it all, making contacts all around the country, special event stations and just everyday people.   I have decided to start the study routine again towards the Extra Class upgrade, as high as you can go.




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