New Ham Antenna….

Now that I have my General Ticket, and access to many more bands, I needed an antenna that would work on those bands.   Being I have a small lot and our HOA does not allow antenna’s, I needed to be creative and get something that would be stealthy and also not too big.  This would mean some compromises on efficiency and I was prepared for that.  I looked at some loops ($$$), tak-Tenna (maybe too much of a compromise) and some G5rV style and off center fed dipoles.   The issues here were length and height needed plus support for where the coax dropped.

I finally settled on and End Fed wire and the Owner (Ultimax) was very gracious answering my questions and working with me.   He customized the wire length to maximize the efficiency and fit in my space (almost double the stock wire length) at no additional charge.   I went ahead and ordered it on the 4th and it arrived on the 7th.   I had already decided that initial install would be hidden along the top of my fence, the matching unit just inside by the house and the wire extending along the top rail toward the rear of the yard.   (I re-arranged the Ham desk while waiting for the goodies…)

20160507_155244 20160507_160903

I created a foam piece to fir in the bottom of the window and ran the coax through the foam.   Closed the window as far as it would go, re-aligned the alarm sensors and added wood blocks to lock the window in position.

I ran the coax in a 1″ pvc pipe along the side of the house at ground level and under the fence, then up the fence top the matching box.   Once installed I tested it and was able to tune on all bands except 80.   In the future, I can get an external tuner to bring that in line. In testing it out that night, made contacts in NH and AZ so I was pleased.   Now, I am able to operate on a lot more bands!

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