Gold Wing Update…

Lots of stuff with the New Wing …   Mostly good…    As I was working on the electrics, testing and adjusting etc I also ordered a Bluetooth headset to go with it all and mount to my helmet.  When it arrived, it did not fit my old HJC helmet and I did not want to rely on a stick-em attachment.   the helmet was quite old so I researched a bit and talked to a dealer about the one I wanted to be assured the headset fits it (which it did).   On May 3rd, I ordered the HJC IS Max II modular helmet with built in sun shade.  It arrived on Thursday May 5th and on Friday I got everything mounted and tested.  It all worked good!

20160506_101209 20160506_101218

I moved a few things around, added my 2 GPS Units and my SPOT and fitted and tested my Cell Phone.  I had everything working, took a test ride to test the ergonomics and BT items and all worked as I expected.  There is a known issue trying to link 2 music sources and since I want Sirius on my cell to play I create that conflict.  If I fire up the BT transmitter on the bike for GPS and other “stuff” it will lock out my Sirius but phone calls still work so that is ok.  I made a couple more adjustments to positioning and then tied off all the wires.  I also adjusted the highway pegs to suit my leg length.

20160504_143115 20160504_14313120160506_115024

At this point, the bike is finished and ready to ride…    The only other thing I looked at was the possibility of adding a Ham Radio.  I thought the Sena BT Transmitter would work, had even picked out a $35 Korean radio and the cables to use, but later discovered it would not (with my transmitter).  They make one that would work but it would cost $145 plus the radio so I decided to table that plan for now.


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