Pat Passes General Class

Back in 2011, while in NH, I got my Amateur Radio License, Technician Class.  This allowed me full access to the VHF and UHF bands (Local Comm) and limited access to the HF bands (a section of 10 meter) for long distance communication.  I had planned to continue on to get my General which would greatly increase my privileges, adding space on 10 m and adding 12, 15 17, 20, 40, 80 and 160 meter bands.

It just never happened.  I studied off and on and got busy and procrastinated.  Then in 2013 we decided to retire and had to get the house ready to sell, then find a place to buy, then move …    Just not happening!  🙂

In July of 2014, we moved and the rest of that year was involved in getting settled.   2015 arrived and I became more active on the local radio scene, selling a pair of 2 meter radios and buying a pair of Dual Band 2 meter/440 cm as the 440 band was where most of the local traffic was.   As time progressed, I began to desire to finish the upgrade to General but just never stayed focus.

2016, I made a New Years Resolution to try and get my General Class upgrade by June.  In March I learned the local Club was hold a Class, to be followed by a VE (Test) session.   I began my studies in earnest and though I could not take the class (we would be in Texas) I could take the exam at the end of April.   I peaked before TX and wished I could have taken the test then but I had to wait.   I stayed focused, running 2 or 3 online practice tests a day while in Tx and upon return.

On April 30th, I drove in to Savannah for the test session, began the test and felt very good about it.   I was the first one done and the first one to PASS!   So excited to have that out of the way.   Long time coming, now to look at additional antenna(s).

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