Tale of Two Rings!

This story of 2 Rings all transpired over a week!  It all started a couple years back after Lyn’s mother passed away.  She did not have a lot from her mother, primarily a couple of the large collector dolls she has displayed in our kitchen, above the cabinets.  (Note in the picture there are actually 3 dolls!)


She inquired about her mother’s “Mothers Ring” which it turns out her sister had.   It was bent and 2 of the 4 stones were missing.  As of our recent TX trip it had not been repaired.  Lyn was wishing she had it and if she did, she would have it restored and wear it.    They had a private conversation on Tuesday the 19th that went well.  Sharon had actually purchased the ring for their mom but also indicated she would think about it.   On Thursday, they went to see Aunt Kate and Sharon presented the Ring to her.   Lyn was very happy and is taking it in Friday the 30th to get a quote on restoring it.  Thank you so much Sharon!!


Leesa (daughter) contacted me while in TX about when we were coming home.  She indicated her, Joe & Scott had gone in together to get Lyn a Birthday/Mothers day gift and wanted to be sure when we would be home when it was delivered.  We were, and she sent me the final date and that evening (Monday April 25th) UPS delivered a package…    I did not know what they bought and set it on the table, she thought it was me…   I said no, it was for her.  She was thinking it was me and was surprised when she opened it.   It was her own “Mother’s Ring” with the birthstone of each of the 3 kids (hers/ours) along with their names engraved!!!


Regarding the dolls earlier…   there were originally 2 but there was an empty space for a 3rd and she talked to Sharon (sister) in TX and Sharon had several of them so brought in one for her.  So, in the photo you see all 3.   Again, Thank you Sharon, you are a Good Sister!




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