Gender Reveal Party!

April 10th was the day!  –  Scott and Morgan are expecting their 4th child later this year and they held a gender reveal party at their house for family and friends.   There was quite a crowd in attendance and they brought in pizza for the occasion.  It was a beautiful day and the adults all mixed as the kids played out in the yard for the most part…

Eventually it was time…  and the cake was brought out…   If it was Blue when they cut in to it, BOY and if pink, it was a GIRL!


Drum Roll Please….   everyone gathered around as they prepared to cut the cake…



It will be a GIRL!!   Congratulations!!!

Poor Jackson, he was so wanting a brother and was somewhat shattered with the result but he will come around.

20160410_174731 20160410_174827

20160410_174929 20160410_174941

12994293_10207852712848329_6826732612354807405_n 20160410_175033

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