Jack’s Taekwondo Testing

On April 9th, Jackson’s class had testing for their belt upgrades.   He was testing for Orange.  The testing began at noon so we headed down to watch and encourage him.

The class was much larger than his previous class (he has moved up to an older age group) and he was doing so much better than last year, really seemed more focused.  One of the instructors even hollered out “Jackson, I see you brought your A game today!”.

After the belt presentation, we all went out to Dairy Queen for an ice cream.

D71_9238 D71_9239 D71_9240 D71_9241 D71_9248 D71_9249 D71_9250 D71_9251 D71_9258 D71_9279 D71_9281 D71_9284 D71_9285

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