Texas 2016!

Arriving yesterday (Wednesday April 13th),  we will be in San Marcos for the next 8 days, visiting Lyn’s Family.  We are thinking that we want to take a side trip to Luckenbach, Fredericksburg and Johnson City.  The rest of the time we just play by ear, we do want to get back to see Aunt Kate, likely with Randy and Patricia on Sunday and also arrange for dinner one night with them.  Randy has been trying to get us to go to Salt Lick BBQ

Day 4 – April 14th (Thursday)
Today is our 1st full day in San Marcos.  Had the Continental Breakfast at the Hotel and then headed over to Ralph’s place.  His house is somewhat the center of Operations as the others live a slight distance away, so we tend to all gather at Ralph’s each day.  We went over about 10:30 and James (Lyn’s Brother) and Diane arrived 1st from Kyle Texas.  Her sister (Sharon) and Denny live in San Antonio arrived a bit later and we all had a very nice 1st visit.   It was great to see everybody again and talk about what we have all done the past year and what we each would like for our families going forward.

For lunch, we all gathered at “Taste of China” for Chinese buffet style.  It was a nice lunch together and then we returned to Ralph’s to socialize some more.  Eventually, it was time and we all headed back for the evening.  We had contacted Patricia and will be going celebrate her mom’s (Aunt Kate) birthday on Sunday.

20160414_150818 20160414_150822 20160414_150826

Day 5 – April 15th (Friday)
Today, we got up and had breakfast again at the Red Roof Inn.   The morning weather was indicating rain coming in Saturday and severe storms Sunday and Monday.  Leesa (Daughter) and Scott were supposed to be coming down from Dallas and Lyn left them a message to see what they had planned as their return on Sunday may be hindered by the weather.   I had also received an email from Randy, Patricia’s (cousin) husband.  We were going to meet them on Sunday back at the home to see Aunt Kate again.  Randy had always wanted to take us to Salt Lick for barbecue while we are her.   I had him call and we decided to try and go Wednesday as they was also the day Lyn and I planned a drive out to Fredericksburg and Luckenbach.


Meeting again at Ralph’s place, we all joined in socializing and much of todays talk was “good old days”, reminiscing and the weather (storms coming).  We did hear back from Leesa and they were staying in San Antonio so we not see them tonight and they would only be joining us for lunch (and maybe a short visit) tomorrow.   Today we decided on Barbecue and went to San Marcos BBQ.   Great little place with superb Texas Q and we all enjoyed it.

20160415_143317 20160415_14332620160415_143359 20160415_143349

James and Diane were riding with us and after the meal, we took a driving tour together through town which was enjoyable.  Returning to the house, we visited some more before returning home.   We decided to meet Ralph for breakfast at IHOP before gathering with the family.


Day 6  – April 16th (Saturday)
We got up early and checked the weather, nothing now but looking like we may get some rain during the day.   About 7:15 we sent a text to Ralph that we would meet him at IHOP at 8:00.   A few moments later he sent a message back that he would not be joining us.   After a short discussion, we decided not to go and just here again.   We did not really feel like getting ready, going out, then coming back to wait.  The alternative would be a later breakfast but as Lyn pointed out, we would likely be ready to each at 2:00 with everyone.  We decided we could go out another day or even the day we drive out to Fredricksburg.

Headed over to Ralph’s for 11:00 and also had heard from Leesa (it was raining in San Antonio) and they would be heading up about 11:00 and arrive about 11:45.   When we arrived, Ralph told us that Sharon and Denny would be about 1:00 – 1:30 as there (adult) kids (Lucynda and Chris) would be coming up with them.  James and Diane arrived shortly after us.  James had brought some bolts and tools to tighten up a facing board on the deck and him and Ralph fixed that while we visited.

Leesa and Scott arrived next.  I have never met Scott before and it had been a while since I had seen Leesa.  They were unable to come down last year as they had just moved to Dallas.   We visited a bit until Sharon and Denny’s crew arrived.  After saying hello and a short visit, we headed out to lunch.   As they we able to accommodate our party of 11, we headed up to Grin’s, up by the University.  We ate there last year and it is a nice atmosphere with good meals.  As we did last year, we will also have our going home meal Thursday at Grin’s.

20160416_135625 20160416_135628 20160416_135639 20160416_135657

After eating, we headed back to Ralph’s while Chris, Lucynda and Ralph ran down to the Outlet Malls.  When they returned, we visited a bit before Leesa and Scott headed out.   Lucky so far we had not had rain (yet) but it was coming.  Shortly after, we headed out ourselves as I was tired.

Day 7 – April 17th (Sunday)
It was supposed to be a rainy day, to severe at times.  When we got up, it was wet out but not raining.  James and Diane had church obligations today and Sharon & Denny decided not to come up because of the weather reports.  We were scheduled to meet Randy and Patricia up to the home to have a little party for Aunt Kates 93rd birthday.  We went over to Ralph’s around 11 and visited until almost 2:00 until time to leave.

20160417_135940 20160417_135944

We took 2 cars, not knowing exactly what may transpire after.   There had only been 2 small showers but as we left, it started to finally rain pretty good.

20160417_141329 20160417_141341

We had a very nice visit with Kate at the home. They had reserved a room so we were all able to sit together, visit, have cake etc.  It was enjoyable!

20160417_144314 20160417_144320 20160417_144327 20160417_144416 20160417_150116

When it was time to leave, Randy asked if we wanted to join them for a few drinks at Zelicks Icehouse.  This is a really neat place, The site itself was originally a 1930s gas station and still shows the remains of being so.

ZELICKS+WEBSITE-1 zelicks 20160417_155152 20160417_155207 20160417_155300

We had a really nice visit and it was great to get to spend some time with Randy and Patricia.  We stayed until near 6:30 pm and then went back to Mana’s with Ralph for some dinner before heading back to the motel.

20160417_183514 20160417_183542 20160417_190151 20160417_190155

Day 8 – April 18th (Monday)
Well, the rains arrived full force last night.  We turned the weather on when we got up and San Marcos is right in the Heart of it, a band of very heavy centered over us moving west to east.   We are currently experiencing over 1 1/2″ per hour and some east of us are much higher.   The highest volumes have already experienced up to 10″ total and we have a flash flood warning right now.   Houston has already picked up 15 – 20″ of Rain!

Headed over to Ralph’s after breakfast (near 9:30) and it was raining pretty good.   Visited a bit and then headed over to the San Marcos Regional Airport for the Commemorative Air Force who has a hanger with some vintage planes. (WWII).   The rain had stopped and we pulled right up next to the open hanger.  What a nice display and they had a superb little museum inside also.   These planes are all flyable and most impressive was the B-25 Bomber.

20160418_104502 20160418_104511 D71_9378 D71_9379 D71_9383 D71_9385 D71_9402 D71_9404

We met up with James & Diane and Sharon & Denny back at Ralph’s for an afternoon visit and broke for lunch to go to Herbert’s Taco’s.  (They have have much more varied menu than it sounds…)     6:00 pm, as the clouds rolled in again we all parted ways and headed home for the evening.   Another enjoyable day!  Lyn had 2 dolls of her mothers on display at the house and knew that Sharon had several.   She had asked about maybe getting another for her display and Sharon brought one today.   Thank you Sharon!

20160418_153508 20160418_153529

Day 9 – April 19th (Tuesday)
We had a very nice visit today.   Sharon and Denny beat us over to Ralph’s place and James and Diane rolled in right after us.  Diane brought down a couple loaves of Friendship Bread.

Lyn, Ralph & Sharon stopped by the Cemetery today.  Lyn had some additions for the floral display and there was a also a question regarding a headstone and the previous owner of the plots.  After a discussion with the caretaker and reviewing some pictures Ralph had, they all agreed that everything was correct.


Lyn suggested Chicken for lunch (for something different and we settled on Gil’s out on Hunter Road.  There is one downtown but smaller and older and we figured we would get better seating for our group of 7 out to Hunter Road.   Nice lunch and visit and James and Diane road with us.   We took another little scenic ride back looking at a couple of places where they grew up.

20160419_144720 20160419_144726 20160419_144751

James and Denny shared experiences from Fredericksburg which is where we are sight seeing at tomorrow.

Day 10 – April 20th.  (Wednesday)
We are down to our last 2 days!  Sad, but we have had a good time and it will be nice to get back home again.   Today is sightseeing day!   It gives us a chance to our parts of the area and the others a break from having to all gather at Ralph’s.  Plans were breakfast at IHOP, Drive to Luchenbach, then over to Fredericksberg.   So much to see here and then over to Johnson City and then finally meet Randy, Patricia and Ralph at Salt Lick BBQ for dinner.

We headed out to IHOP at 8:00 am, shortly after arrival the rains started!   The radar showed rain all the way to Fredricksburg.

20160420_075416 20160420_075008

By the time we left, rain was clearing Luckenbach but “pouring” here.  We were out by Blanco when we finally cleared the rain and had a nice sunny day the rest of the way.  Took quite a few pictures of scenery along the way, arriving at Luckenback around 10:15.   It has been around since the mid 1800’s as a trading post and now a tourist/country music venue.

D71_9420 D71_9423 D71_9426 D71_9430 D71_9434 D71_9435 D71_9436 D71_9437 D71_9447 D71_9448 D71_9449 D71_9450 D71_9451 D71_9456 D71_9457 D71_9460

We then continued on to Fredericksburg, a short 15 miles away.  Our 1st destination was the Pioneer Museum.

D71_9467 D71_9469 D71_9473 D71_9474 D71_9477 D71_9481_2_3_4_5_fused D71_9490 D71_9491-Edit D71_9493 D71_9499 D71_9502 D71_9504 20160420_113458 20160420_113441

From there, we went and visited many of the local shops starting with Dooley’s 5 & dime.   Took a lunch break at Wheelers (Chicken & Dumplings w/Cornbread) and then continued shopping before heading out towards Johnson City.

D71_9509 D71_9512 D71_9513 D71_9515 D71_9520 D71_9522 D71_9525 D71_9527 20160420_130023 20160420_132008

Arriving at Johnson City, we went to the visitor center and picked up some literature and also stopped by LBJ’s boyhood home.

D71_9537 D71_9538

We then headed to the LBJ Ranch where we did the driving tour and also stopped at the family cemetery.


D71_9543 D71_9544 D71_9545 D71_9553 D71_9555 D71_9560 D71_9561 D71_9562 D71_9565 D71_9566

Leaving the Ranch, we headed through Dripping Springs and Driftwood before reaching Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood.   Here we met Randy and Patricia for a superb Texas BBQ dinner!  (Ralph had sent us a text that he was not going to make it).  The food and atmosphere was fantastic and the company a real pleasure.  They gave us a very nice gift which we will be proud to have in our home! (Thank You)  We said our goodbyes and headed back to San Marcos to end a tiring but wonderful day in the Texas Hill Country.

20160420_185946 20160420_190021 20160420_193101 20160420_193633 20160420_201301

Day 11 – April 21st (Thursday)
This is our last full day in Texas.  Had breakfast at the Motel and then headed over to Ralph’s.  We were joined shortly by James & Diane and Denny & Sharon.  Lyn and Sharon, after a short visit, headed up to the Home to visit Aunt Kate.  Upon return, we continued our visit with all before heading to Grin’s for our final meal together.

We had an enjoyable meal and visit with everyone but finally it was time to say goodbyes.  After paying the bill, we headed outside and exchanged goodbyes and hugs.  Sad to say goodbye but we had such a great time and great memories so it is just something to look forward to for next year!!

20160421_145104(0) 20160421_145049 20160421_145033 20160421_14500920160421_145214

Back at the motel, packed up our stuff and packed up the car best we could today and then relaxed.   We will have an early morning departure!


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