More Visitors…..

The one nice thing about being on the I-95 Corridor is the opportunity for friends traveling to and from Florida to pass by in close proximity, and then hopefully stop if even for just a coffee.

There was a posting earlier where Rob stopped by and just recently I had 2 more visitors.  Ted from Ohio, winters in FL and was on his way home to Ohio.  He spent a night in Port Wentworth (I saw it on FB) so I suggested we meet in the morning which we did.   I know Ted from Photography.

On the 31st, John Wynes was in Pooler for the night on the way to Wizards Wild Weekend in Cedar Key FL.   John is from NC and we know each other from mortorcycle riding and the MTF and IBA.  I had not seen John for a while and we had a nice dinner and reunion at Longhorn Steak House.

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