We had an excellent Easter again!   It turned into a stormy day but it did not hamper our plans.  We hid the eggs outside just before a very slight drizzle.  Scott and the kids were over early and we did the Easter Egg Hunt 1st and got it in before the rain.

After collecting their eggs, they sat at the table and took them apart (plastic eggs with treats) and also inspected their Easter Baskets.   Lyn does a nice job putting together baskets (made out of pails) with candy, treats and toy items like tattoos, bubbles etc.  Morgan had some business in the morning and came over late morning.

The kids played, watch TV, put on some tattoos and even played in the rain a bit when it started.  Lyn had gotten up early and put a pork loin in the slow cooker for a nice midday meal.

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