A Day With Jackson!

Jack was out of school the week of March 14th.   Scott had asked if we could take him either Tuesday or Wednesday and we offered both days if needed.   Scott chose Tuesday the 15th.

Lyn met Scott at Dunkin’s early morning and got Jack, bringing him home.   He relaxed and watched some shows.   We decided to take him to the Wildlife Refuge (Morgan mentioned he might like it).   He had never seen gators live in the wild.

We headed out and began our tour through the refuge…    not in very far, we spotted a small gator swimming and about 100 yards further in (all in the 1st 10 minutes) we spotted a 13 footer sunning and then slowly gliding into the water.   Jack was extremely excited.  We ended up seeing a total of 7 gators and countless birds.   The birds did not make the same impression.  🙂

As we drove through, Jack’s patience wore thin. (what else do you expect with a 6 year old?)   He may have handled it better if it was non-stop gators but that is not reality.   We started hearing “I am Hungry”, “Can we go now?”, “I am starving!”   Overall though, he was quite good.

D71_8989 D71_8990

On exiting the refuge, we headed back to Pooler for lunch at McDonalds.   Happy Meal and playing in the gym area.   Jack ate well and played well.   After lunch, we headed to the movie theater and took Jack to see Zootopia, a very cute movie.   He wanted candy as he claimed that he did Not like popcorn!!  🙂    He seemed to enjoy the movie!

Arriving back home, we prepped the Phantom Quadcopter and then took him to the school yard to see it fly.   He was quite impressed but would have been happier if he could have flown it!  🙂




We would have had him for dinner but he wanted to have dinner with his mom, so we took him home around 5:00pm.   I thought it went well and we sure enjoyed having him.



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