Lyn Volunteers

This had been discussed for a while, but Lyn was looking for something to do outside of the house.  I have my Dog Rescue, Photography, Ham Radio that keeps me busy and gets me out with people.  We researched volunteer opportunities and needs in Savannah and through a tip from a friend, investigated Ronald McDonald House Charities.

They have several volunteer opportunities and she was interested but did not pursue it for a bit, then approached me to get her the Info.   We downloaded the application and she filled it out and sent it in.  She was contacted a few days after and they sent her a questionnaire, information and a small test and they scheduled her first (and only training day) for Feb 19th.   She had to get a TB test and dropped off the results along with the Questionnaire etc where they put her on the schedule starting 2/29.   Her first day went well (she is looking to volunteer for 2 3 hour shifts per week).

Lyn initially is working the Family Room at Memorial Hospital and later will likely also do some shifts at St Joseph/Candler.   Down the road, she would also like to train to volunteer right at the Ronald McDonald House in Savannah.

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