Our Texas Vacation

In the past, Lyn would fly down to Texas for about 10 days to visit her family.  I have not been in years (28 – 30) as I had limited vacation time.  Last year, with the move, she did not go.  Now that we are retired, vacation days are not a consideration so we decided to drive out together this year.

It was great seeing everyone, nice to spend time getting re-acquainted with Lyn’s side of the family.   We managed to get in a little sight seeing and lots of time with the family.  We 9will miss them all and look forward to returning again next year!

The day we arrived, we stopped on the way in at the cemetery where Lyn’s mom is buried. We picked up information for the purchase of a headstone which we planned to discuss with the siblings during the week.  We had been in touch with her brothers James and Ralph on the way in and James had been following our tracker.  Ralph’s mobile home was just up the road from the cemetery so we stopped in there for a quick visit before the motel.  We then grabbed a quick lunch with Ralph before heading over to the motel to check in.

Later that afternoon we headed back to Ralph’s and had dinner with Ralph, James and his wife Dianne.  “Pitmaster” James did up some burgers and dogs on Ralph’s grill and Dianne brought up a cake she baked.  All in all, a nice 1st day.

Day 2 – We headed in to town and Lyn gave me a little tour around San Marcos, her old home town.  I have been before but it has been many years.  We passed by some of the places she lived as she was growing up, the square downtown and a some of the old streets.  It was a rainy morning so I was not able to grab any photographs but I did select some locations to return to when the weather was better.  Heading over to Ralphs house, we met up with Sharon (sister) and her husband Denny.  A short time later James and Dianne arrived and after a nice, visit we went out to Taste of China for Chinese buffet.

One of our goals was to get a headstone for Lyn’s mom’s grave and we wanted to get that ordered before we went back to Georgia.  We had picked up the literature and pricing on our way in to town and since all the siblings (Lyn, James, Sharon & Ralph) were here today we chose to have the discussion today.  It all went well and they decided on what they wanted on it so I made a sketch that we passed around and agreed upon.   The plan is on schedule to visit the office Wednesday and placing the family order.

Day 3 – Wow, it is Saturday already!  The sky’s are grey but there is no rain so we are drove out to take a few pictures around San Marcos.  Founds a nice park along the river, a train station (and a train passed through, what timing!) and several along the old city streets.  Walking up LBJ Street towards the old Courthouse, there was a Farmer’s Market set up on San Antonio Street in front of the building.   I took some pictures in the Market along with what I wanted from the courthouse.   We met James and Dianne at Ralph’s house (they beat us there) and when Sharon and Denny arrived we all went out to eat Barbecue.  Lucynda, their daughter, was with them today and their son Chris showed up for lunch at San Marcos BBQ.  Afterwords, we all went back to Ralph’s to socialize.   The “young” crowd, (Ralph, Chris and Lucynda) took off to the Outlets and left us old folks to converse about the “Good Old Days.”

D71_3437 D71_3392

Day 4 – Sunday, James and Dianne have Church obligations so we did not see them today.   Lyn’s Aunt Kate’s birthday is tomorrow, 92 and she is in a home.   We went over there around 1:00 for little celebration, meeting up with Ralph, Sharon & her family and Patricia (Lyn’s cousin) and her husband Randy.  Kate is Patricia’s mom.   It was quite enjoyable, it has been 28 years or so since I have seen them, and never met their son Alan until today.

D71_3508 D71_3484

A bunch of us went to lunch at Grins Restaurant up by the University.  After lunch, we headed into town and met Randy, Patricia & Alan for a couple beers at Zelicks Icehouse.  Now this is one cool place, originally an old 1930s gas station, it provides an open air environment that is very unique.

Day 5 – Today was the cookout at James & Dianne’s.  We went to Ralph’s in the morning and then around 11:00 am drove on up to James and Dianne’s house in Mountain City.  They have a lovely home and yard, nicely landscaped and full of feeders for wildlife.  James had chicken cooking on the smoker.  We sat down to eat after Ralph, Sharon and Denny arrived and it was an excellent meal with enjoyable company and conversation.

20150413_152651 20150413_152632

After the meal, we sat in the yard and enjoyed the wildlife and took the opportunity to get some family pictures.

D71_3548 D71_3558 (2)

Day 6 – Sightseeing day!  We took today to spend on a sightseeing drive around the area.  We toured Wimberly, Devils Backbone, Gruene .  Had planned to stop in New Braunfels but ran out of time.  Randy had emailed me some route suggestions and we decided to try those.   It was a bit overcast but other than that a wonderful day.   Randy’s Routes were excellent and we had a nice time in Wimberly and riding around “Devils Backbone”.  I had been there years ago but did not really remember it.  We enjoyed visiting the little shops and took a walk down by the river.  I got a few nice photos of the areas scenery.

D71_3605 D71_3613

We headed back out and drove down to Gruene Tx.  They have a really quaint historic area with many original buildings in use today including the Dance Hall and the general store.  I had never been here and really enjoyed it.

20150414_134356 D71_365220150414_134342 20150414_134252

We had lunch in town and after getting back in San Marcos we visited Ralph and later went out for Mexican dinner.

Day 7 – Wednesday, we picked up Ralph at 9:15 and drove over to the cemetery.  This was the day designated to order the marker for Lyn’s mother’s grave.  The family had all pulled together to make this happen and I am sure that Mary was looking down today with pride at how her children worked as a family to accomplish this.

Back at Ralph’s, the rest of the family arrived and we spent the day socializing.  The trip is winding down now as we only have one more day here after today.  We planned to go to Dick’s Classic Garage tomorrow morning.  We all went out to Mana’s to eat and then back at the house sampled the Friendship Bread that Dianne had brought up (Delicious!)  Tomorrow is our last day and we are taking all out to eat at Grin’s up by the University.

Day 8 – It is Thursday, our last day here in San Marcos Texas.   Picked up Ralph and drove over to Dick’s Classic Garage, an auto museum in town with one of only 51 Tuckers ever made.  The dream of Preston Tucker, they started production and folded all in 1948.  Look it up on the net or visit the 1988 Movie staring Jeff Bridges,  Tucker: The Man and His Dream.   We enjoyed the museum and took quite a few pictures there.

After visiting a while with everyone back at Ralph’s, we went out to eat at Grins in San Marcos.  An excellent meal, enjoyable fellowship and before we knew it the day was over.  Storms were rolling in so we departed, James & Dianne home, Sharon & Denny over to Ralph’s to sit out the storm before heading to San Antonia.  Before we departed we said our good-byes, as we are heading out early in the morning for home.  Back at the room, we packed up and relaxed a bit before hitting the sack.   Morning will be here all too soon!

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