New Aquarium!

A while back we sold our 29 Gal Biocube aquarium that we had for Saltwater.  While nice, it was difficult to keep up with our trips to Tx, Mi and camping in between.   We figured we would sell it and pick up another for freshwater use as they are less expensive to setup and maintain and also easier to maintain.   Watched the used market for a tank without any luck and then found what we wanted on sale at Petsmart.

They had a 37 Gallon Bowfront setup with Stand and if ordered online for pickup at the store, you got $50 off.   They also had a coupon for $15 off on any order over $75 which we also got, effectively saving $65.   We ordered it and picked it up on Saturday the 21st.


The next day, we made our lists of supplies, backdrop, filter, gravel heater etc.   Same deal, ordered from Petsmart and picked up and saved another $30!

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The filter and the heater are both rated for over 50 Gallons so should work great on my 37.  The gravel is natural looking and the background is a cling to the back glass looking like an underwater scene.  Here is a setup picture and then one after we got the water in and the electrics operating.

20160222_101932 20160223_053443

We treated the water and after a couple days added a few small hardy fish to get the water cycle going well.   In about a week, assuming all is good we will add some more…

D71_8842 D71_8843 D71_8844 D71_8845 D71_8846 D71_8847

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