New Phones – New Provider!

We finally changed cell phone providers!!!   We had a new AT&T Contract (from NH) just before we moved (June 2014).    We had many good years with them and had excellent service, up until we moved.

Once here in GA, coverage at our home was less than desirable.   We tried to work with AT&T to no avail.  It appears I was just in a very weak area and they were not prepared to do anything.   We discussed a Micro Cell for the home to boost the signal but they would not provide one, only offered a discount on a unit.  At that point, we decided to switch carriers when our contract ran in in 2016.

Fast forward to Feb 2016!   Our contracts were not up until April but Verizon was offering to buy out your old contract if you switched and ported over your old number.   We inquired, found out were were qualified and made the conversion.   Went in to the Local Verizon store on Feb 5th, signed up for the new plan…    Increased our Data and ported our numbers over to our new Samsung Galaxy S6.   Really like the phones and even got a discount on our rate as a Veteran!

download (1)

I have not failed to connect or dropped any calls from my home since the switch!

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