On the Road – Day 3

Thursday April 9, 2015
Finally, almost there!  This is our short driving day, approximately 4 hours.  We decided to leave about 7 so we checked out and went to the Continental breakfast at 6:30 am.  Once on the road, it was a pretty uneventful ride until we neared the Houston area.   The scenery was pretty nice through this section with lakes and waterways, especially around the area North of Trinity Bay.

Now, Houston …   it was one giant parking lot!!!  We expected that and it did not disappoint us!  Bumper to Bumper and slow moving for over an hour.  It was nice when it finally opened up.   It is a very large metroplex area with some beautiful skyscrapers.

The other side was what I pictured as Texas, open, relatively flat land with scrub brush in place of the large trees I am used to.  It was a good clean ride in from there.  We departed I-10 on route 90 into Luling where we stopped for me to take a few pictures.   Picking up route 80, we continued on in to Martindale, stopped where Lyn’s mother is buried before arriving at Ralph’s (brother) home in San Marcos.

It was nice to arrive and finally relax, after a quick lunch we went and checked into our room.


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