Lyn Visits Florida

Lyn took a trip down to Naples Florida to visit our Granddaughter Lindsey.  The occasion was a her baby shower which was help on Sunday Jan 24th.  Lyn departed on the 24th about 7:00 am.  I had a tracker operating with her Jeep so was able to follow along as she drove down.  She did well, found the Jeep very comfortable and arrived at 4:00 pm.  She stayed and visited that night, Friday – Sunday and then returned on Monday.   The shower itself was on Sunday and she had a nice time and Lindsey got a lot of stuff!

She departed about 7:00 on Monday for home and got in at 3:40.  Tired but well, it was good to have her home and she was glad to be off the road.

She ended up getting 31.5 mpg on the trip!

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