For Christmas I got a small toy Quadcopter, Syma X5C-1.  It has a little 2 mp camera that can take stills and 720P video.   I have had an interest in them for a while but did not want to invest a lot in might a fad or worse yet, something I did not like.  Well, I had fun!!  It was tricky to fly but I enjoyed it and also had fun shooting and editing some video, as simple as it was.


I continued to enjoy, flew with a couple of Ham radio friends and then around mid-January, DJI dropped the price on the Phantom 3 Standard by $200.  This is one I was interested in as it allowed 1080P video, full GPS flying and programmable modes and features.  It also had a 3 Axis Gimbel which maintained camera level even when the Quad pitched and rolled.

I did some research as DJI also had a Pro and Advanced model at a higher price point and I wanted to be sure, if I got this model, I would not have regrets fro not waiting for one of the others.  Basic differences were longer range, standard good for 1/2 to 5/8 mile, vision sensors improve ability to fly inside (I am not planning that) and a proprietary method of transmitting First Person View vs WIFI (supposedly more reliable over distance).

The range was fine (I cannot see that far!) and though the camera is better on the pro, I can only view 1080P HD and the standard does that and more…    I picked up the Standard from Best Buy on the 20th and ordered a strap and spare battery from Amazon.

The Phantom 3 Unit      ——————————————     Both units side by side

20160127_134437 20160127_134541

As you can see quite a bit larger!

Here is my 4th test flight – https://youtu.be/0wDaCdjSaEE   Maximum elevation on this test was 100′   I am getting better at flying and doing Video with it…..

In addition, I can take still images and also extract stills from Videos!

DJI_0019 DJI_0020 DJI_0023 DJI_0021 DJI_0022 DJI_0024 dji_012816a dji_012816b

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