Herbie is our 14 year old American Eskimo.   He has not been doing real well since last summer when he started losing weight from not eating.  He was at 32# and is now down to 22#.  Our Vet at Godley Animal Hospital has been excellent with all our pets and it is no different here.  Unfortunately, they have not been able to find anything definitive.  Bloodwork does not show anything nor does physical exam and we have been there more than once.  She has been treating with medications and at times with very positive results over a short period.  He will goes days without eating.  In December, it seemed to be getting worse so we after the 1st, we contacted our vet who had suggested the next step would be with a specialist and recommended one for intestinal issues.   We arranged for an appointment with them for January 14th.

Upon arrival, they put us in a room where we met a doctor who examined Herbie and reviewed all his records.  They then took him for a scan.   The scan showed thickened intestinal walls which could be either an inflammatory bowel disease or Lymphoma (cancer).  The only way to tell for sure would be a procedure and biopsy which should would not recommend unless we were planning to treat the Lymphoma.  We indicated no due to his age and condition.  She recommend a treatment of meds for the bowel and also aggressive steroid which would be help either condition temporarily and see how he does.  She also ordered a blood test which showed severe B12 and Folic acid deficiencies, consistent with both possible diagnosis’s.

It is now the 28th, he is not really responding, in fact seems weaker to me though he is eating a bit better.  He is consistent with eating but only in small amounts and I do not believe he is gaining weight or getting any stronger.  I just sent a not to the Dr on my observations and indicating I would update again on Monday (today is Thursday).

At this point, I keep hoping but am not very optimistic and am fearing it well may be the Lymphoma.

He are a few Herbie Pics!

D71_4133 DSC_0313 DSC_0314 DSC04238

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