Synagogue Photo Shoot

I had been asked before Christmas about doing a Photo shoot for Congregation Agudath Achim, a Jewish Synagogue attended by Morgan and her parents in Savannah.  It was Lynn Reeves who first approached me as they had limited funds and needed some photos to use for their new Website.  In December, we went down with Lyn and Morgan to visit the Synagogue, discuss what they needed and do a few tests shots, which I did.  I delivered the images a few days later and they appeared pleased so we ended up scheduling the real shoot for the 11th of January.

I gathered up all my gear over the weekend.  Brought the D7100 and a 35mm, a 12-24 Wide Angle, 18-105 Zoom and a 55mm to 300mm Telephoto.   Added in a couple speedlights, stool, tripod and backdrops.  Met the ladies again at 10 am on the 11th and reviewed what we had and what they liked.

Working right through our plan, we wrapped up in just a little over an hour.  I had 75 images.   Working some that day and the next, I finished processing and ended up with 44 images.  I combined the best new with some of the usable images from the test shoot and delivered 63 finished Hi Res images.  Here are some samples

D71_8290 D71_8292 D71_8298 D71_8299 D71_8318 D71_8321 D71_8327_28_29_30_31_tonemapped D71_8332 D71_8335 D71_8338 D71_8345 D71_8349


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