Refuge Fundraiser

January 9th was a fundraising event for the Georgia Rescue, Rehab, & Relocate animal rescue group.   I do volunteer work for them (computer and photo related) and Lyn and I both went down to help at the event.

It was a 5K Run/Walk joint sponsored by Schoolkids Against Bullying.  Volunteers from both organizations worked it and proceeds went to GRRR for animal rescue work.  Lyn and I drove down to Thunderbolt for 9am to help setup.  Lyn worked the registration desk and I was the “banker” for registration and raffles.  They had quite a few raffles, medals for the winners by age groups, dog activities and info booths.  There was also an assortment of dogs available for adoption from the rescue.

It was a cool and overcast day, which was good for the runners.  After the run, there was food etc available.  It started to rain which cut into that activity some but at least it held up for the run.   Here are a few pictures…

D71_8161 D71_8166 D71_8169 D71_8170 D71_8171 D71_8179 D71_8190 D71_8191 D71_8192 D71_8200 D71_8201 D71_8212 D71_8219 D71_8221 D71_8274 D71_8280

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