New Years Eve!

We had a very nice New Years Eve this year.  Our plans called for dinner downtown with David & Lynn Reeves (Morgan’s parents) and Chuck & Sherie Zedd (parents of Morgan’s brothers wife.  The Restaurant was “a.lure”, award winning restaurant showcasing local, seafood, low country, cuisine in an eclectic new way.  Morgan’s brother in law (Daniel Berman) is the owner.

We drove down early and parked in a small lot a couple blocks away, stopping in the City Market square to watch the festivities for a bit.  It was obvious that they were planning a big bash with a large stage blocking N Jefferson at W Congress.  (Pedestrians could walk by the stage and that is the way we would head to dinner).  We hung out there for a bit (they had music playing) and watched the people enjoying the evening.  Grabbed a beer from one of the tents.

15 minutes before our reservation, we headed towards the restaurant, finding the others had just arrived and waiting for our table.  It was our 1st visit and it is a very nice fine dining location right downtown Savannah.  We all go our drink order and then ordered dinner.  Lyn ordered the House Smoked Duck Breast and they had a couple New Years Special, one was a Lamb dish which I ordered.   Both were delicious and we were both full by the time we finished, passing on the desserts!  🙂

20151231_193358 20151231_193404
                        LAMB                                                                  DUCK

 After dinner, we stepped outside, said our goodbyes and each headed to our vehicles.   We passed through City Market again, a band was playing on stage and it was standing room only!!   Paused for a few, then on to the car and home.   At home I watched football and Lyn watched Dick Clarks Rocking Eve.  I headed in to the living room after a the game was out of hand.  We shared some shrimp cocktail before the ball dropped, me dozing but being woke up at midnight!!    Happy New Year All!

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