December Photography!

It was a busy month, photography wise!  I took over 800 photos and after processing ended up with about 600 total images.  Many of these were from family functions (2 birthday parties & dinners, tree decorating, Xmas Eve & Xmas day, school and Sunday school presentations and a dance recital!  The family images have already appeared in posts.

I completed my project of “52 in 2015” which was 52 Theme photos over the year.   The remaining themes were “Unique Angle”, “Vehicle”, “Wildlife”, “Water” (done with an oil paint filter), and “Weather”.

DSC_0372 D71_7679-Edit-Edit D71_5452 D71_3390-Edit D71_3337-2

I mentioned the oil paint filter above, well, Photoshop CC had an update and the Oil Paint filter was included…    I played around a bit with it, these were my 1st attempts….

12308082_10208379899999144_8700316407728039080_o 12322955_10208379899959143_7161084022413676258_o

I used it again later in the month.  I was surprised to see an Eagle in the distance by the amenity center as I walked out of my garage.   I went back in, mounted the long lens and came back out in time to get a couple pictures…    This was one!


I did a test shoot for Morgan and her mom at their Synagogue in Savannah.  Here are a few shots from that….    Including the Panorama which was posted as my best of December!


D71_7894-3 D71_7897-2 D71_7901-Edit-2 D71_7902-3

I had a few Wildlife shots also from the refuge (nothing really new or “superb”) and also did a couple B&W renditions.

D71_7609-Edit D71_7619-Edit-Edit-Edit

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