On the Road – Day 2

Wednesday 4/8/2015
We departed the mobile area about 7:15 am, figuring a 1 hour drive to Ocean Springs MS.  I had mentioned we were meeting Jeff and he had picked a Denny’s right off exit 50 of I-10.  He lives in Ocean Springs.  We met at 8:30 and had an enjoyable breakfast and visit.  It was Jeff who passed me info for a dealer who seemed to have a lead on the Tamron 150-600 zoom lens I was looking for.  When I placed a deposit last year, I had it in two weeks.

_DSC5723 _DSC5725Photo’s by Jeff Impey

After a couple photo’s outside, we said our goodbyes and headed on down the road.  Route was I-10 to I-12 around New Orleans and then I-10 again all the way to Houston.  Overall, I found the scenery more pleasant today, it just seemed to be a lusher green with al the water around.  Around Pascagoula, through Ocean Springs and Biloxi was especially nice.  Also, coming out of Baton Rouge, there is a 25 mile roadway built out of the swamp waters and the entire length was especially enjoyable for scenic value.  Near the end was a major accident!

Interesting to note, there were no accidents seen yesterday and total of 4 today, this being the 3rd.   The 1st two were on I-10 between Mobile and Ocean Springs, less than 40 miles.  The first was a car on its side, deep in the ditch on the eastbound side and the 2nd was a jeep on its side, it had overturned in the median.  The last was on the eastbound side in Texas and they had it on a flatbed, looking like it tangled with another vehicle.

Anyway, back to this accident.   We were moving along at a good clip when I spotted brake lights and slowed down.  The traffic came to a stop and we began a slow creep forward.  It must have been fairly recent as we only lost 15 minutes.  When we got up to the scene, we were able to take the exit ramp and then U-Turn back to the on ramp past the accident.

According to WAFB Fox News, there were four 18 wheelers in a row, the last 2 following too close. The third 18 wheeler had to apply his brakes so he wouldn’t hit the second one. The fourth one also his brakes, but swerved to the left. He hit an 18-wheeler and a truck. That caused the truck to hit the guardrail and cause damage to the bridge.  I later learned the backup was 42 miles long and that 2 were hospitalized but not serious.  Two of the truckers were ticketed.   Photos by 9Reports viewer Justin:

7402424_G 7402281_G 7402280_G

The balance of the trip was uneventful and we stopped for the night just outside Beaumont TX, about 4:00 pm in the town of Winnie.   About 4 1/2 hours tomorrow.

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