Visitors to Savannah!

One of the nice things about where we are located now,  is that we are located on a prime route (I-95) for those heading to Florida.  We have head several visitors since we moved here and December was no different.

On the 6th, we visited with Marsha Bailey from NH and Rolling Thunder.  I had seen on Facebook where should would be near this way and made contact.   She reached out to me on Thursday that she would be arriving in the area late Friday or Saturday.  She had other friends in the area and we had a family event on Saturday so we made arrangements to meet on Sunday the 6th.   She is wintering via motor home so we met her at the campground down in Richmond Hill.   What a nice visit with time to reminisce about old times.   Later that evening, she came up to our place and we threw some nice steaks on the grill and enjoyed her company again with a nice dinner.   She departed the next day for Florida, then later Alabama, Texas, AZ and New Mexico.

Later, I got a call from Bill “Quinn” Morey, also from NH and Rolling Thunder.  Quinn is wintering in Myrtle Beach and we talked about meeting somewhere in between for a visit.  It has been like 2 years since I have seen him.   We talked again on the 14th and decided to meet in Charleston SC, about halfway between us.  Quinn picked a meeting location and so I headed out on Thursday Dec 17th to meet up at 11:00 am.    Again, great to see him and renew old acquaintances and reminisce on the good old days.  We both had new vehicles this year so compared those, then headed out to lunch.  We decided on Fatz (Quinn had been once, me never) so left my truck and headed over in his car.  We had a great waitress and the food was really nice.   They let us just hang out and that was nice.   After lunch, we both headed our separate ways but vowed to meet again before Quinn heads back.

I had also hoped to meet up with Fred Pettingill, also from NH.  He closed on his house last Friday and was moving to his new place in FL.  He was planning to stop for lunch on his way by.  I had hoped he would make it Wed but he was running behind and called me while I was waiting for Quinn.  He was going by while I was in Charleston so we would have to make it another time.  The good thing is he has been by 3 times before since I moved so we have seen each other…

Always enjoy seeing the old friends and also some of the new ones from the forums when they pass by us in Savannah!

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