Ella’s Birthday – 3 Years Old!

December 5th is Ella’s Birthday and she turned 3 years old.  In the morning, she had her party at Oatland Island Wildlife Center.  You can visit anytime and walk around and see the animals, of which they have quite a few.  For Birthdays, you have a private room and they bring in 3 animals to share and educate the children about.  Ella chose an alligator (baby), a rabbit and a screech owl.  After the animal visit there was cake and snacks and then the children that wanted to when out and visited animals around the center.

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Later that evening, the family got together for Ella’s Birthday Dinner.   Scott & Morgan take the kids to Miyabi’s Japanese Steak House for their birthdays, they really enjoy that and it has become a tradition.  David and Lynn (Morgan’s parents) and Lyn and I typically join them.

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