Michigan Thanksgiving!

What a great Thanksgiving trip!   I did have a bit of a bug which dragged me down some and precluded me being in a photographic mood…   But the time with family and friends was Fantastic.  This year we added two extra special gatherings.  As we have been doing since retirement, we took two days to travel, departing Monday 11/24 and arriving mid-day on Tuesday.

Wednesday was spent visiting old friends, in the morning we headed downriver to visit David Flynn at his Comic & Card Store, the Pack Shack.  It is an annual thing to visit David there and hand out in the back room and reminisce.


We returned to our room and waited until Pat & Don Inman arrived.   They used to be neighbors in Redford and Don and I worked together for 21 years.  We have known each other for about 45 years!!   They now live up by Houghton Lake but come down for Thanksgiving with their family and we both stay at the same motel.   This year our breakfast location (Denny’s) and dinner location (formerly Herc’s) both had closed.   We decided to go to Mason’s Bar & Grill, an old haunt when we worked at Hydro 26 years ago.  It was great to reminisce there for the evening.   We also joined them for Breakfast Thanksgiving morning before heading to our Family gatherings!

Family Thanksgiving was hosted by my sister Linda at her Condo’s Clubhouse.  This was the 2nd year of this and it really works out well.  There is plenty of room for tables, room for the kids, a TV for football and a small kitchen area.  We had a pretty good attendance, 16 adults and 5 children plus my grandson Kory stopped by after work and daughter Sharon with Rick and the 2 girls came by for desserts and visiting.   Linda did a roasted turkey and Nate did a deep fried turkey.  The only thing missing was my brother Tom!  🙁


On Friday, we had a reunion of Hydromation Employees.  In past years I have visited with Tom and Don but last year Patty Haines tracked me down and we were unable to get a gathering on short notice.  This year, she and her husband John were at my brothers funeral and we discussed a gathering for this year.  We scheduled it for the day after T-day at 9:30 am at Senate Coney Island in Livonia.   12 people showed up this year and hopefully we will get more next year (yes, we are doing it again).   Hydromation closed in 1989 and many of us had worked together for 20 years.  Those in attendance all seemed to have a good time and shared the status of some other co-workers:
Pat McGhie           Lyn McGhie            Pat Haines            John Haines
Pat Inman             Don Inman             Tom Labelle         Larry Woodhouse
Bill Marzion          Bill Forsythe          John Case              Clayton Tenniswood

20151127_094943 20151127_095021 20151127_095049 20151127_095059 20151127_101140 20151127_101238

Later on that day, we went out and visited Joe and AJ.  She recently had two stents installed and Joe was in the midst of a shingles outbreak on his face.  Now that looked painful!

Saturday we visited Sharon and her family.  After a nice visit that included a tour of their camper, we all headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch (my treat) and watching the Mich – OSU game.   Stephanie and Grace joined us.

20151128_130946 20151128_130954 20151128_131001 20151128_132727

Sunday was another Special Event.  Again, born of a meeting at Tom’s Funeral, after talking to a cousin (Pat Henahan) we decided we needed a social gathering of the McGhie’s & Henahan’s, other than at funerals.  Pat & his wife Nancy held a brunch at there house in Farmington Hills.  It was a very nice get-together and we all were able to spend some quality time with each other.  Hopefully we can do it again next year.  The photo was compliments of Nancy.


Monday we began the trek home and arrived on Tuesday Dec 1st.  A great Thanksgiving!


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