New Radio (Ham) in Truck

I have been watching the online sales for dual band radios, looking for one for the truck.  My preferred has been the Yaesu 7800 or 7900.  I missed a copy and the others it seems the people think they are made of gold.

I accidentally was checking for the value of some parts and stumbled on the fact that Ham Radio Outlet had the 7900/R with Separation kit and free shipping for only about $50 more than some of the used ones.   I decided to go new….   ordered it from Atlanta and it arrived in 2 days.   Tested it out in the shack (comparing to my 8800) and all was well so I then installed in my truck, moving the magnet antenna out and picking up a dual band J-Pole for the house.

Worked great coming back from MI, talked to some friends here in Savannah while I was up in SC.

12065665_10208182300739286_6558411759812993478_n 20151112_092631

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