New Tool Kit!

When we moved, most of the tools were old and left behind.  I kept my made toolbox, a sabre saw and a cordless drill.  When I worked on my antenna project, I realized I needed something more.

I researched several kits and settled on B&D.   While their reputation has been tarnished, the two kits I was looking at at good reviews.   They were both 20v, the MAX & the Matrix.  The MAX had various complete tools that all used the same battery.   The Matrix, was a modular setup.  The Drill/Driver has a removable head and can be interchanged with the 3 saws, impact driver, air tool, router and sander.

I purchased mine with the carry bag, 2 batteries, Drill/Driver, Reciprocating Saw, Trim Saw and sander.   So far impressed with the set and it should work fine for my DIY projects.  I can add more attachments over time (Read Birthday, Christmas Etc.)




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