Antenna Project (Satellite)

I had picked up the Arrow II Satellite Antenna which is hand-held.   I had seen plans for making a bracket to mount it to a Camera tripod and decided to try that.   Credit Randy, K7AGE for the plans.   It is made out of 1″ aluminum, a couple small wood blocks and mounts to the camera mount on the tripod. The antenna has a tapped hole for the thread so I just need a Through hole in the bracket.   I made mine from a 3′ piece of aluminum, cutting off 2′ for the main arm and using the remaining fro the side bracket.

20151022_124027 20151022_124039 20151022_124107 20151022_130856

Here is the unit set up in the back, ready for the next pass of the Russian Satellite SO-50


20151027_102413 20151027_102838

Overall, it worked well, in fact I heard well and made several good clear contacts.  There is an issue of flipping it left & right with the ball head.   (It rotates and elevates well).   I probably would be served better by a Tilt & Pan Head so will be looking into that for my tripod.

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