The 10th Annual Schoolhouse RTE

Some may be asking, what is RTE and what does that have to do with Schoolhouse?

An RTE is a motorcycle term for Ride to Eat.   It is a gathering called by someone at a restaurant where people ride in from all over for a meal and “tire kicking”.  No, we do not really kick the tires, it is slang for BS’ing.   🙂

The Old Schoolhouse Inn & Restaurant is Listed on the National Register of historical places and is located in Downsville NY in the Catskill Mountains.  Built in 1903 at a cost of $1000.00, The Old Schoolhouse was originally a Union Free School.

The school district voted to establish an academic department and classes started in the fall of 1906. In order to be admitted under the Regents of the University at least five academic students were required, a goal which was reached in June 1907. The full rank of a high school was achieved in 1910.

 An authentic schoolhouse, high school was taught upstairs where the banquet facilities are now; first and second grades were taught where the bar now resides and fifth and sixth grades were held where the main dining room .  Classes were held here until 1939 when everything moved to the central school.

     In 1987 Tom and Julie Markert bought the Old Schoolhouse and started a MAJOR restoration. The project included new oak floors, refinishing the windows, doors and staircase and remodeling the whole upstairs into a banquet room. The entire building features the original tin ceilings, and wainscotting throughout.  The wainscotting has been restored to it’s original wood finish, even though it had several coats of paint  from years gone by. Now the restaurant’s Victorian windows, polished floors, ornate furniture and mounted wildlife make your dining experience most memorable.

This is also known as “Pat’s Birthday Lunch”.  The original was very near my Birthday and though it is now 2 or 3 weeks later, it still remains my Birthday Celebration.  This year, I had been sick so elected to drive the truck up.   Hooked up with Jason and Bruce (from NH) in Oneonta on Saturday.  Sunday we grabbed breakfast then headed the approx hour to Downsville where we met the rest of the group…    Great event, gorgeous colors and the Best Company!

I departed Savannah on the 8th, stopped in Roanoke.  Friday the 9th went on up to Binghamton and Saturday in to Oneonta.   Departed for Home after the lunch on the 11th and made it down to just past Carlyle PA, arriving home on Monday the 12th about 4:00pm.

Here are some of the colors of the area…..

DSC04430 DSC04431 DSC04434 DSC04435-Edit DSC04437 DSC04440 DSC04442 DSC04447 DSC04451 DSC04462

And the event itself!!  🙂

DSC04465 DSC04466 DSC04467 DSC04463DSC04469 DSC04471 DSC04473 DSC04474 DSC04475 DSC04476 DSC04477 DSC04478 DSC04479 DSC04480 DSC04486 DSC04488 DSC04489 DSC04491 DSC04492 DSC04493

And of course, the Birthday Boy!

Downsville-2015-080 IMG_0070 Downsville-2015-068

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